‘Becoming Me’ and ‘Don’t Call Me Mate’

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Unboxed, Identity

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Stephanie Russell
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Stephanie Russell
The work of Stephanie Russell explores the joys and despairs of transitioning to a woman in western culture, and of just being human. She explores her search for authentic identity in simply written prose and poetry that deliver an emotional kick like the rear end of a mule.

Further, she goes beyond the personal to dance on the razor edge of the transgender archetype. She explores relationships, and how it is conceivable for two people, married for over thirty-five years, to overcome the hardly imaginable barriers against staying together in a love-full relationship when one partner changes gender.

Somewhere in her diverse career, Stephanie found time to study creative writing in Adelaide, Australia, and is currently compiling a book of her collected poems, as well as writing a series of books about her journey towards womanhood. There are moments of intense suffering, doubts and answerless searching through the darkest caverns of the mind, but also a bucket load of humour, twists of hilarity, and a sensitivity to the minutiae of living in the moment, and the grandeur of visions from the mountain peaks of life lived well.
POEM: Becoming Me

Stephanie is a featured artist in the Unboxed series. Watch her episode now on ABC iview: https://iview.abc.net.au/collection/art-bites-unboxed


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  • Zoe Clements

    Dear Stephanie,
    I just saw the brief but amazing snippet of you on The Mix. Will be right on to iview tomorrow to see the rest on unboxed.
    With love and best wishes
    Zoe Clements

  • Adrienne

    Where can I find some of Stephanie’s work. This was such a moving insight into Stephanie and her life. Sadness but such joy and love. What an amazing person.

  • Janet Bicknell

    Charming couple

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