The Wake

 In Installation
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Installation. We see many doors in the room, people
chucked them out, but they led to somewhere before, protected from
something. We slide one door and on it see the poem, it hangs on a nail.

It says:

, from Disparates, , ,

I don't know where

I am either

I said, when you said

that you didn't know

Then you began to cry

As if trouble and sorrow were

the only reality

the only place

for life

Then you said

that I in any case was not

so unhappy

I didn't

deny this

For we know


of each other's night

of each other's darkness

of each other's stars

shimmering darkly

- Göran Sonnevi

translated from Swedish by Rika Lesser

And then we are walking into the room where 2 Mannequin are standing,
one dressed in a flowery,long, warm coat and it looks like it holds a
hand of a child in a sailor t-shirt and a hat. Then there is a propeller
on the floor and a projection of my work, my soul. It is not too long
now. And it loops.

This is an exploration of a day filled with thoughts and memories. Past and present dwell on my mind. And at night it all drowns in the world of dreams, it loops and the new day begins.
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Sofia Mikhaylovskaya
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I am a filmmaker from St Petersburg, Russia. My focus is on a positive impact through the power of media
I have a BA in Contemporary Media Practice at Westminster University,
London. In Russia I worked as a continuity and 2nd AC on TV serials.

In Adelaide I worked on many shorts and web series and looking to work
on a feature. I am developing web series with Aboriginal musicians and
work aboriginal community closely. I believe that diversity is the key
to common wealth and progress in society.
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